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Plant-based solutions for relief and wellness.

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Our relief products use full-spectrum oil extracted from organically grown hemp along with other plant-based ingredients to penetrate and alleviate discomfort at the source.



Our skin elixirs and vegan beauty products incorporate nutritious, powerful plants and organically grown hemp.



Invest in your peace of mind, whether it's with a good night’s sleep, an immune system boost, or luxurious bath bombs.

Giving Your Body What It Deserves

Premium Plant-Based Ingredients

At Botanika Life, our guiding principles are simple yet impactful: Natural, Clean, and Healthy.

This commitment echoes throughout all of our decisions, from our choice of using organically-grown full-profile hemp to the well-balanced formulations and eco-conscious packaging.

Moreover, we provide full transparency by publishing third-party lab results verifying the strength and cleanliness of our products.

Our pledge to you?

Pure plant-based goodness, no fillers!


Botanika Life products have been formulated to support and enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Made with only pure and natural ingredients, our products are always organic and vegan and comprised of plant extracts, oils, vitamins, and full-profile hemp.

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Only The Best

The plants we use are grown with care, and our products use only the highest quality ingredients, including vitamins, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and essential oils.

Botanika Life’s full-profile hemp is sourced from pesticide-free, organically-grown hemp.

Plus, our products are always vegan and never tested on animals.

Verified Testimonials

I love Botanika life. I have very dry skin and I love to drink so it’s my go to for rehydrating and getting my supple young look back. It works in an instant!!!

Marisol Patton, Real Housewives of Miami

In all the years I have being playing, This is the first product that made difference in my muscles. Extraordinary effects after the first use!! Really incredible.

Jimy, Szymanski, Pro Tennis Player & 3x Olympian

The sleep spray works amazingly well. I feel a sense of calm within 30 minutes and can reliably fall asleep within an hour.

Dr. Ryan, Chiropracter at Back to Basics

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